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How do I become a full time illustrator?


A young, aspiring illustrator recently asked me how to become a full time freelancer. The answer is murky at best and provides no quick route to a stable career, but I’d like to think I learned a thing or two over the last fifteen-ish years that’s worth repeating.

I was lucky in that I started a…

C.natalius is dead, long live C.natalius - ballpoint on paper 21*30 cm.
Random doodling announcing a small name change. Boring story follows.
So when I was a lot younger I dabbed into graffiti a bit, without much succes but I went through some names and got stuck with colorz. Whoot!I don’t like my own initials as an artist name, it’d be ms, which is a devastating disease, or turned around it’d be sm, which ofcourse would be weird also. So I coined colorz natalius together since I like the name natalius.Years later I still use it but the colorz part felt more and more childish. Not that I’m even the slightest bit mature but still. It had to go.
So fast forwarding to now my artist name is Claude Natalius.
Slave Invaders - acrylics on canvas 30*40 cm.
Small piece inspired by the oldskool game space invaders.
In space Invaders the aliens go down line by line, row by row without even questioning why they would follow these orders.The Aliens in the front are just cannon fodder to be stepped on like it was a banana peel. The middle and last row have it a little bit better being protected by the first few lines of cannon fodder but still with a good shot they can be taken out as well. Only the top masters have it the best, moving along very quick in the upper lines in their spaceship almost never to be shot.
So why doesn’t the front line revolt?
Chaotica Idiotika #6 - fineliner and ecoline on paper 30*40 cm.
My 6th piece in this series! This time I didn’t restrict myself to a colour scheme so there’s even more mayhem.This one took me longer than I thought it would take. It’s half the size of the last one and while I was more speedy inking the colouring took more time.
Pyromancer - fineliner and ecoline on paper 30*40 cm.
The pyromancer is finished!

"Controlling all aspects of fire an encounter with a pyromancer can be a magnificent sight. They are feared by many for their ability to set cities aflame but at the same time worshiped by young wizards whom many aspire to become a powerful pyromancer themselves one day."

Outlines done with fineliner and colouring with ecoline ink. As usual the colours are a bit off compared to the original and I had to adjust the blue background as well since it came out way too light.
W.I.P. - Fineliner on paper 30*40 cm

One of the art pieces for my card game I’m working on. It’s a pyromancer.(A wizard focussing mainly on fire spells)

Flexible Spasms - Coked up strychnine O.D.

I like and live to create. Be it paintings, sculptures, drawings or every now and then music.
I didn’t dabbed into music for a long time so it got itchy and I really wanted to make some new stuff.

I found out about caustic for android os and it’s a fairy good music editor with some cool generators and most important almost everything can be tweaked.

I made this nifty noisy song with it. It’s electronic, it’s noisy and it’s what I guess an overdose of coke mixed with strychnine would feel like. Enjoy ;)

W.I.P. - Fineliner and ink/acrylics on paper 30*40 cm.
My newest chaotica idiotika in progress. line work is done, now the colouring begins.

100th post!!! - ink, markers and fineliner. top most work approx. 30*40 cm. others 5.5*4 cm.

The la  So for my 100th post on tumblr I decided to upload some placeholders and one final artwork for a card game I’m making.
A couple years back I got the idea about a card game. I was very aware there were already a shitload of card games out there and most of them only last for a few years except a few big/mainstream ones. So I had to think it through a lot on how I could make it somewhat stand out from the gross out there.
Fastforward to autumn 2013 I had already done tons of research on other card and board games, game mechanics etc. and I decided to make a test deck. Up until now I finished about 60 cards and also did a few test plays. While my mechanics need to be tweaked a little and a lot(most of it works as I intended) I am now in the process of upscaling the artwork so they can actually be printed(the 60 cards I got a.t.m. are handmade/drawn on so they have no use for printing).

The first larger work I did is the frost wurm, and others will follow.
While my game probably won’t come out for a long time to come from time to time I’ll upload some larger artwork alongside the original.

YAY 100th POST!!!

Groen is de gong - acrylics on paper approx. 30*40 cm.
The last post about my intake is about one of the two assignments given that day at the intake. One was to make a still life, nothing special about it so not gonna upload that one. The other was to pick one out of three poems and make a work from it in colourI chose the following poem:
Groen is de gong  groen is de watergong  waterwee, watergong  groen is de gong van de zee
The lines translate loosely to the colour green being like the gong of the sea.There’s also this word ‘waterwee’ which, to me, translate like homesick to the sea.So I came up with the story about a naval officer or marine who got injured and couldn’t do his job anymore, but still loves the sea and choose to go down by this huge tsunami wave so he could once again return to the sea.
Of course as illiterate as I am there were more verses to this poem(by apparently a famous dutch poet) which has little to nothing to do with what I thought it was about but hey, at least I tried to interpreted what I read ;).

Where’s kitty? - Pencil on paper 20*20 cm.

In the previous post I talked about 6 assignments you could choose from. I finished one, the fishes form the previous post, and attempted a go at another one. 15 drawings of still lifes(or in accordance to perception) with a title and in a portfolio decorated accordingly to the works inside. I did not get to finish it as I only have 9 drawings but I turned them in anyway.

The idea behind them was to include one hello kitty object in every drawing but in a not too obvious way. As such the title chosen for the work is a spoof on where’s waldo, a well known(at least in English speaking countries) children’s book where’s this one character you have to find among a lot of characters looking like him.

Birth of fish - markers and fineliner on paper 30*42 cm.

I applied for art college of Illustration and Design over at Zwolle, The Netherlands, and just like almost every art academy there were home assignments. Instead of one assignment(As with the HKU) I got the luxury to choose between 6 assignments. At least one had to be finished but more is usually better(I guess).
One of them was to draw the birth of a fish, no panels and title of the drawing included.

After some research on what fish look like I came up with the idea to do a cycle, and when drawing out the scene I thought about how those stained glass windows in churches always have a whole story on them in just one window. So I did some more research and voila, glass stained birth of fish :).

The colours became a little bit dull jwhen looking at on a regular surface but extremely bright when held against a light source(Even weak ones).

I’m quite content with the end result how the stained glass is emulated, but for the drawing itself it’s a bit like meh.

Oh, and I got accepted at the art college :D

Michaelangelo Selfie - acrylics on canvas 21*30 cm.

I’ve been a long time TMNT fan and like most 80’s kids started out with the (very goofy) cartoon series, playing them on the NES and reading the Archie comics(which we’re kinda dark compared to the cartoon).Later on I discovered the Archie comics weren’t the original and began reading the others too.
I drew them quite a lot when I was young and recently I started thinking about drawing them again, but then I thought why not paint them instead?
So here’s the first one in a series. A self portrait of Michaelangelo who happened to find one of spider man’s camera’s(Not the same universe I know but hey, both NY ;)
The Turtles will have red bandannas as in the original comics but most of the paintings will be based on the Archie comics universe.
Next weeks news - acrylics and mixed media on mdf 60*120 cm.

So a while ago I applied at the art college HKU, in Utrecht, the Netherlands.There was a home assignment where you had to reflect on a newspaper article about how news turned from giving out the facts to somewhat entertainment it is today. You had to reflect in word and image where the word would be part of the image.
Anyhow this was my answer to said article.
I did not make it through the first round(HKU has 2 rounds, one where they only look if your working in their style and ethics, and the second where you get a day assignment and talk about your work) but I’m not that sore about it. Only thing that bugs me is that I had no feedback on the home assignment.