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College work - so many selfies.
This time it’s for the course Individual research. It’s acrylic paint, ballpoint and crayon on a sheet of paper sized 70*100 cm.So finally we can go a bit more abstract. I feel I should’ve used dark red instead of black, maybe I’m gonna paint it over later but for now there’s lots of more work to do.Still a few more selfies to go but luckily other work is also being made.

College work - Selfie time again-part 2.

The second week of courses was screen printing for me.

I find it a rather interesting technique since it’s very easy to print in large quantities but for so far I haven’t found out a good use for it.
I do like the lined portrait but the other two are so so.

Maybe if I delve more into multiple colour use or cmyk I can get more satisfying results.

College work - Selfie time again.

So we had a two week course divided into two courses of one week in either two out of three subjects:Screen printing, Etching or relief printing(woodcut and lino I believe)

These are my results for etching. I had fun with it and I think it’s a rather interesting technique. We didn’t use acid as a solvent but instead some electrolyte. Plates of zinc were used, which are easier to edit but also wear out very fast as opposed to copper plates.

I’m definitely going to use this technique more often in the future because the results are quite interesting.

Milo and Mira - pencil on paper 30*40 cm.
Small present made for my aunt.One’s a jack russel, the other I’m not sure about.Anyhoe, I had not that good shots of them, especially not of Mira so that’s why there’s mostly head drawn and not full body.
Our dream guardians - ballpoint on paper 21*30 cm.
Made mostly during trainrides from home to college and back :).
It’s more a fictional piece illustrating the good and bad dream experiences while the guardian acting as a keeper of the balance.
College work - more selfies. 

This time we had to paint what we see if we look down. Iy was quite challening since I never painted such work in that short time(1 hour). I’m kinda happy about the result though.

College work - selfportrait.

Who are you and what’s up with you was kinda what we had to visualize. So I made myself, usually calm and quiet, but a real messed inside rambling with thoughts about everything all at once most of the time…

Quick drawings at college.

So we drew a few political figures very fast, with a twist. Markers were swapped constantly, the paper was switched everytime and last but not least we had to swap between right and left hand quite often. The results were quite ‘interesting’ to say.
Top row-putin
Middle row-obama
Last riw-kim jong
College work - self portrait in small mirror numbed down to abstract. Acrylics on A1 sized paper

From now on there’s going to be a lot more posts with work made for college.

How do I become a full time illustrator?


A young, aspiring illustrator recently asked me how to become a full time freelancer. The answer is murky at best and provides no quick route to a stable career, but I’d like to think I learned a thing or two over the last fifteen-ish years that’s worth repeating.

I was lucky in that I started a…

C.natalius is dead, long live C.natalius - ballpoint on paper 21*30 cm.
Random doodling announcing a small name change. Boring story follows.
So when I was a lot younger I dabbed into graffiti a bit, without much succes but I went through some names and got stuck with colorz. Whoot!I don’t like my own initials as an artist name, it’d be ms, which is a devastating disease, or turned around it’d be sm, which ofcourse would be weird also. So I coined colorz natalius together since I like the name natalius.Years later I still use it but the colorz part felt more and more childish. Not that I’m even the slightest bit mature but still. It had to go.
So fast forwarding to now my artist name is Claude Natalius.
Slave Invaders - acrylics on canvas 30*40 cm.
Small piece inspired by the oldskool game space invaders.
In space Invaders the aliens go down line by line, row by row without even questioning why they would follow these orders.The Aliens in the front are just cannon fodder to be stepped on like it was a banana peel. The middle and last row have it a little bit better being protected by the first few lines of cannon fodder but still with a good shot they can be taken out as well. Only the top masters have it the best, moving along very quick in the upper lines in their spaceship almost never to be shot.
So why doesn’t the front line revolt?
Chaotica Idiotika #6 - fineliner and ecoline on paper 30*40 cm.
My 6th piece in this series! This time I didn’t restrict myself to a colour scheme so there’s even more mayhem.This one took me longer than I thought it would take. It’s half the size of the last one and while I was more speedy inking the colouring took more time.
Pyromancer - fineliner and ecoline on paper 30*40 cm.
The pyromancer is finished!

"Controlling all aspects of fire an encounter with a pyromancer can be a magnificent sight. They are feared by many for their ability to set cities aflame but at the same time worshiped by young wizards whom many aspire to become a powerful pyromancer themselves one day."

Outlines done with fineliner and colouring with ecoline ink. As usual the colours are a bit off compared to the original and I had to adjust the blue background as well since it came out way too light.